Une autre lecture Oumar Tatam Ly : la vraie raison d’une démission ?

“Faire de la corruption une priorite est une ERREUR?” A. O. Wane
The same way le problème du nord n’est plus une priorité.
They definetely need to read Covey’s “7 habits of highly effective
people”. One of the Habits is “Put first things first”
We are doing it the other way round. We put first things last.
How can we expect progress when thinking and behaving like this.

I am 100% convinced that all the problems we have in any area you can
think about have their roots in CORRUPTION.
Fix it and everything else will follow.
Leave it as a second priority and in a 100 years, we won’t make a SINGLE

I mean it!
**Mohamed Ag Acharom